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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So, it's been a while since I've written. I spent the last two weeks in E-ville visiting with Family among other thangs, and didn't have much time for blogging. On my way over to Edmonton I stopped at Saskatoon to do some quick record shopping, and yet again was supprised at just how awesome Saskatoon is for used vinyl. There was so much I would have loved to pick up it wasn't even funny. However, I had to settle with only picking up one record. And what a record! I found an old Rough Trade complilation from 1981 that featured rare tracks from the likes of The Gist, Orange Juice, Essential Logic, The Fall, Cabaret Voltaire, the T.V. Personalities and Pere Ubu to name a few. Needless to say, I was pretty excited.

Also, !Earshot Magazine just published my piece on Victoria's Run Chico Run.

Anyways, to celebrate my return to the peg, here's my favs of the year so far. Some days I'm pro list other days I'm dead set against it. Maybe it's the frickin' hot weather, but today is a listy kind of day.

1.) Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies: "A life of art, and I life of mimicry. IT'S THE SAME
THING!" Need I say more?
2.)Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds: With it's subtle Dungeons and Dragons refrences, it's
rediculous lyrics, and Pallettes' screams, this is what all
classical albums should aspire to. (Plus check out this
3.) David Byrne and Brian Eno - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts: Reissues should always
recreate interest in a past work of art, and this is exactly
what happens hear. A scathing critique of right wing
Christian America, this album is as timely now as it was in
4.) Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped: Holy Crap! After all these years we finally find out that Kim
Gordon can actually sing.
5.) Beirut - Gulag Orkestra: Actually, I just picked this one up and only have listened to it a few
times, but I really like what I hear. Probably a tie right now with
Beth Orton.

Most looking forward to:
- Pere Ubu's Why I Hate Women, The Hidden Camera's, Frog Eyes' and The Mountain Goats'
new albums.
- Final Fantasy at the West End with Bob Wiseman
- The look on the faces of all the indie hipsters at the upcoming Wolf Parade show when they witness the onslaught of Frog Eyes.
- Rafalski and Gomez in an Oilers jersey.