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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Podcasts, Mehldau, Worship and Oh So Much More!!!


Yup his concert on Tuesday was THAT good.  I'll probably have more to say about his performance on my radio show tomorrow.  But I will say that I've never seen someone play with such simple motifs in such fascinating ways in a live setting before.  To quote Jeremy from 52nd Street Jazz - "I wasn't a fan before this show, but I most certainly am now.  That was absolutely brilliant".

Speaking of my show, tomorrow I will be interviewing Andrew Penner from Sun Parlour Players in anticipation of their show in the peg on the 1st.  I was supposed to also be interviewing Rock Plaza Central, but they are stuck somewhere in the middle of the Rockies and don't have access to their cell phone (SUCK).  Yes that 'Penner' is a Mennonite 'Penner' and yes I will be making reference to that tomorrow.

The Apostle of Hustle podcast is currently up on the Winnipeg Folk Fest website and can be downloaded here.  Definitely not the best interview in the world, but still an enjoyable listen.  Their sets at the Folk Fest are going to be off the hook!

Most people who read this blog know my good friend Julia Thiessen really well, and most people know she's fairly brilliant, loves music, and enjoys dancing at somewhat random moments.  Below is a copy of a response she wrote to Carl Wilson's recent book on Celine Dion, where she asks the question 'where have the places of worship gone in pop music?'  A really good read, from a great writer.  Enjoy!!


  • At 6:27 PM , Anonymous Julia said...

    Maybe it's really lame that I'm the one pointing this out, but my article's not up here.
    Thanks for your kind words.


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