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Monday, January 30, 2006


I know I just wrote on Sunset Rubdown last week but popsheep has a post on a new ep by the Wolf Parader. So what's the appeal? I've always found Wolf Parade to be battling their influences a bit (either Modest Mouse or Frog Eyes), and only a few times shine on their own. With Sunset Rubdown on the other hand, Spencer Rubdown seems to be offering something unique with Sunset Rubdown, in that there's still this sense of experimentation and madness that has been smoothed out to an unfortunate extent with Wolf Parade. Not that Wolf Parade's work isn't any good, I just find Sunset Rubdown to be an interesting direction taken by one of their members.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Some Pre-Election Thoughts...

Don't throw in the towel yet, rabble has an interesting article on the Globe and Mail, Pollsters and their attempts to create an overwhelming Conservative majority. Maybe I wont have to move to Denmark after all.

Seriously though, why are we so obsessed with poll results. It's like I don't even have to vote b/c a sample of a 1000 Canadians have already done that for me. Here's hoping for a bright s Harperless future!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Until This Phoney Beatlemania Has Bitten the Dust

Well maybe not Beatlemania but zoilus adds to the Destroyer freak out speaking about a possible colab with Frog Eye's Carey Mercer and Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown's Spencer Krug. Carey Mercer is no surprise but Spencer Krug is a bit more. I mean I liked Wolf Parade enough, and heard Sunset Rubdown's version of 'I'll Believe in Anything' on Brave New Waves last night and it was quite remarkable, but he's never made it to same level of genius as Carey Mercer and Dan Bejar. Should be interesting though.

That said, May 12 sees Frog Eyes and Sunset Rubdown coming to the collective. Destroyer isn't touring at that point, so could this mean a possible Destroyer show in the peg finally? Lets hope.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Check out this video for Xiu Xiu's 'Pox'. Who would've expected such a disturbing video from Jamie Stewert. Oh wait, everyone.

Not to belittle him or anything. In fact it's because he's so disturbing that I like him. Pop music needs more uncertainty, more pain and suffering than it has. I mean if Ashley Simpson is the poster child of pain, what next?